066. A Note On Some Applications Of $\alfha$-Open Sets

Math Journal: International Journal of  Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, USA, v. 2003(2),  p. 125-130, 2003
Authors: Caldas, M.

065. On $\theta$-semigeneralized Closed Sets In Topology

Math Journal: Kyungpook Math. J., Republic of Korea, v. 43 (1), p. 135-148,  2003
Authors: Caldas, M. and Jafari, S.

064. On Some Low Separation Axioms In Topological Spaces

Math Journal: Houston Journal of Mathematics, USA, v. 29, p. 93-104, 2003
Authors: Caldas, M. and  Jafari, S.

063. Some Applications of semi $\theta$- Open Sets

Math Journal: J. Egyptian. Math. Soc. ISSN 1110-256X . Egypt, v. 11(2), p.73-81, 2003
Authors: Caldas M. and Jafari, S.

062. Characterizations Of Low Separation Axioms Via $\alpha$-Open Set And…

Full Title: Characterizations Of Low Separation Axioms Via $\alpha$-Open Set And $\alpha$-Closure Operator
Math Journal:
Boletim Da Sociedade Paranaense De Matemática, Brazil,  V. 21, P. 97-111, 2003
Caldas M., Georgiou, D. and  Jafari, S.


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